Information for Patients

  • Payment Policies for insured
  • Pay for private patients
  • Medical fees
  • Patient Rights
  • Requirements for donating blood

Deposit: Upon entering the Hospital must pay a deposit whose amount will be reported in the admission area and boxes. The account must remain permanently settled with a minimum of 70% of the total.

The maturity of the room is at 12:00 hrs. If your high is made after the due date and before 17:00 hrs., There will be a charge of 50% of room rate. After 17:00 hrs. the charge will be for 100%.

It will charge your account for local telephone calls, cellular and long distance you make from your room. The amount will be informed by Admission and Boxes.

Values: It is recommended that the patient and passenger enter without valuables, since the hospital is not responsible for their loss.

When discharged, the doctor will have to give written notice in the clinical record.

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